A Complete Solution to Getting Rid of Hyperpigmentation

New Technology that Works on Root Causes of Hyperpigmentation

A Complete Solution to Getting Rid of Hyperpigmentation

Do you know the root causes of the dark patches you see on the skin are increased melanin production and reduced skin cell regeneration? Yes. These are the root causes of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin complexion. Hyperpigmentation is usually identified as dark brown and bluish patches on the skin of different sizes. It reflects what is going on in deeper layers of the skin, i.e. skin inflammation, melanin overproduction and slow cell turnover. And this is the reason why most ingredients in the market don’t show visible results for hyperpigmentation

Caution! These ingredients may not work for hyperpigmentation

You may have come across skincare formulations with retinol, kojic acid, alpha arbutin and hydroquinone that claim to reduce hyperpigmentation. But these ingredients, individually, are inefficient in reducing hyperpigmentation. The primary reason is these ingredients work on the skin surface and not on the root causes of hyperpigmentation. It means they do not offer a complete solution.

Another reason you don’t see improvement in skin complexion is the overuse of these ingredients damages the skin. As a result, you experience dry skin, irritation and increased skin sensitivity.

Therefore, looking for advanced technology that works on the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the skin barrier is imperative. 

Dermatologists and skin experts have discovered a blend of niacinamide, 4-hexylresorcinol and retinyl propionate that works as a complete solution for hyperpigmentation owing to its triple action formula. It is clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation in four weeks.

The supremacy of high-science technology 

The combination of VB3+HR+RPC penetrates the deeper levels of the skin and works well to decrease hyperpigmentation at the root of the problem. Niacinamide has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation, the first stage of hyperpigmentation. Hexyl resorcinol works on inhibiting melanin production. Retinyl propionate combined with retinol booster enhances the epidermal turnover, ultimately restoring the skin barrier. This unique blend of actives is clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation in four weeks, providing an even skin tone in eight weeks. 

High-science technology  for hyperpigmentation

The results of the triple-action formula

The unique concoction is a one-of-its-kind technology that focuses on regenerating the skin cells, repairing damaged skin and reducing hyperpigmentation holistically. The technologically driven blend of these ingredients works on all the root causes of hyperpigmentation, unlike most topical formulations. Therefore, they show results in just four weeks. 

It is crucial you have a 360-degree approach to reduce hyperpigmentation. Skincare experts also recommend using formulations that remedy the skin condition without damaging the skin in the long term. A high-science technology that targets the root causes will show visible results. The VB3+HR+RPC technology is a holistic solution clinically proven to deliver an even skin tone in eight weeks without adversely affecting the skin in the long term.

Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

3.7% Niacinamide +Hexylresorcinol +Retinyl Propionate

SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

3.25% Hexylresorcinol + Niacinamide


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