Freckles: When to Worry About Them?

Freckles Appearing Suddenly on the Face? This Is When You Should Act

Freckles: When to Worry About Them?

Freckles are tiny brown spots on the top layer of the skin, often appearing on sun-exposed areas like the face, hands, chest, back, and/or legs. While freckles may naturally disappear in some people, they continue to remain visible in most others. 

The overarching cause of freckles is melanogenesis – the clustering of melanin-producing keratinocytes (skin cells). An increase in the size or number of these cells results in hyperpigmentation – patches of dark-coloured skin. Freckles are one such manifestation of hyperpigmentation.

Freckles can happen due to: 

Genetics: Experts believe that morphological changes in the melanocortin-1-receptor gene can encourage freckles to form in certain areas of the body. Those with this gene are more prone to get freckles, even with less sun exposure.

Sun exposure: The body's response to sun exposure is to produce and increase melanin to protect the deeper, more sensitive skin cells. In some individuals, this response is heightened, forming localised areas of hyperpigmented skin spots – freckles. Ultraviolet (UV)A and UVB rays of the sun cause such a reaction.

    Worrying About Freckles

    Freckles: 5 instances when you should be worried

    Freckles do not cause any harm – their significant impact on one’s quality of life is relegated only to their appearance. Essentially, they do not cause any bodily changes. However, it often helps to be more cautious when freckles persist for longer or are associated with other serious skin issues, such as: 


    Itching: Inflammation within the freckle may cause the skin to itch and become tender.

    Bleeding: Bleeding freckles is a sign of more serious skin issues like benign or malignant skin cancers.

    Growing freckles: The freckles in one area may spread to other parts due to the body’s heightened response toward a skin lesion and sun damage.

    Changing shape: Freckles do not have a distinctive border and may appear to expand in chronic (long-term) conditions.

    Changing colour: The skin colour around the freckles may change and cause brown pigmentation or darken and tan easily.

      Research has suggested that freckles, in the long run, or when neglected, may lead to the development of skin lesions and predispose one toward skin cancers like melanoma. Timely identification and remedy are the way to healthy skin. We strongly recommend you consult a dermatologist if you are unsure about your skin condition.

      The skincare industry today offers plenty of solutions for reducing and eliminating freckles. But these remedies are mostly incomplete: they do not target the root causes effectively. Hence, unsurprisingly, they have not proven to be fruitful and effective for most individuals. People today need a promising technology that is more science-oriented.

      An example is the potent combination of vitamin B3, retinyl propionate, and 4-hexylresorcinol, a technologically advanced blend backed by robust research and skincare experts. This recommended technology helps in reducing freckles without harming the skin. Combining these ingredients provides a holistic approach to overcoming reappearing and troublesome freckles. The distinctive blend of VB3+RPC+HR delivers an even skin tone in a matter of 8 weeks with regular application. The potent active system is proven to help reducecombat hyperpigmentation in just 4 weeks. 

      Tackling freckles with clinically proven technology: VB3+HR+RPC

      Tackling freckles with clinically proven technology: VB3+HR+RPC

      Technologically driven research into how our skin responds to sun damage, resulting in hyperpigmentation, has helped us devise the clinically proven combination technology of three ingredients: vitamin B3 (VB3), retinyl propionate combined (RPC) with a retinol booster, and 4-hexylresorcinol (HR). Let's understand how these ingredients work.

      Vitamin B3 or niacinamide helps clear the skin pores to reduce and soothe skin cell irritation. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a unique ingredient in treating freckles formed post inflammation due to sun exposure.

      Retinyl propionate combined (RPC) with a retinol booster has a significant role in enhancing skin cell turnover. It encourages the hyperpigmented skin cells to shed and helps the underlying deeper skin cells regenerate, producing healthy, glowing, and clear skin. Retinyl propionate is more potent than retinol and has higher bioactivity.

      4-hexylresorcinol (HR) is the ideal third member because of its antiseptic and antioxidant properties. It helps heal skin wounds, and as an antioxidant, neutralises the free radicals that cause freckles. It is widely used for preventing melanosis, as it promotes an even skin tone.

        Hence, this combination is sure to help you have healthier skin again in a matter of weeks. The triple-ingredient blend of 3.7% hexylresorcinol + niacinamide + retinyl propionate has been clinically proven and backed by experts to give even skin tonebrighter skin in 4 weeks in all skin types. The technology works effectively, especially for people with Caucasian and melanin-rich skin types. The widely-scattered keratinocytes and melanin in such skin types make them prone to developing freckles after sun exposure. 

        To sum it all up, tThe rapid increase of keratinocytes with melanin is what results in visible dark spots or freckles. In most individuals, freckles may not go away on their own. Even after taking precautions, results seem to be unattainable for most. To target freckles comprehensively, you need a wholesome solution targeting the underlying root factor. The unique VB3+RPC+HR blend is one of the best viable solutions, taking a holistic approach to reducing freckles and skin hyperpigmentation. Take one step towards healthy glowing skin with this scientifically devised triple blend, designed to tackle hyperpigmentation at its source.

        Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

        Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

        3.7% Niacinamide +Hexylresorcinol +Retinyl Propionate

        SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

        SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

        3.25% Hexylresorcinol + Niacinamide

        Skin Barrier Protect Cream

        Skin Barrier Protect Cream

        10.01% Glycerin + Hydroxystearic Acid


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