Here’s How a High Science Blend Can Help Heal Your PIH and Amplify Your Skin Tone

Pigmented Skin? Repair It with the Latest Triple Formulation

Here’s How a High Science Blend 

If you have been noticing some pigmentation – dark spots, blemishes, etc. – after your acne breakout has subsided, it’s highly likely that you are dealing with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). You might notice this pigmentary abnormality once the inflammation around a wound or a skin condition (acne, rashes, etc.) has subsided. As your skin heals, there is an increase in melanin production (the protein that gives the skin its colour). The excess melanin imparts a dark colour to the skin and discolours it. 

Reasons for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation results in tan or brown patches, ranging from uniform, poorly marked skin discolouration to irregular or deeply pigmented skin.

The reasons for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be:

1. Acne or picking on acne

2. Overexposure to the sun

3. A bad bout of eczema 

4. Hormonal changes 

    We bet you didn’t know about these skincare myths!

    Many topical formulations claim to lighten skin pigmentation caused by inflammation – vitamin C, kojic acid, glycolic acid, retinol, and azelaic acid are a few of them. However, their chemical nature can sometimes be a drawback, causing side effects like hives, itching, flaking, and swelling on the skin surface. More importantly, they are incomplete solutions as they work superficially and only on one cause of hyperpigmentation. No individual ingredient is useful for treating PIH. Instead, a blend of advanced, active and complete ingredients is required to improve overall skin health.

    The endless list of remedies available in the skincare world makes it tricky to understand what will work best for you. If you observe any skin colour changes, the best, expert-recommended action is to add clinically proven ingredients to your skincare routine. The triple-active combination technology of VB3+HR+RPC is an ideal remedy for fighting stubborn pigmentation. 

    The triple formula technology

    Other topical ingredients fail because they are surface-level remedies which cannot address PIH at the root of its causes. That’s where the high-science formulation enriched with hexylresorcinol (HR), niacinamide (VB3), and retinyl propionate with a retinol booster (RPC) differs. This powerful combination is clinically proven to fade dark spots, boost cell turnover and new skin cell formation, and prevent recurrent skin darkening by inhibiting melanin production – thus visibly reducing PIH and enhancing your skin’s clarity in just 4 weeks. Moreover, this triple combo efficiently minimises pore size and keeps the skin moisturised, leaving behind healthy and clear skin.

    Technology to treat pigmentation

    This technology is clinically proven to be more efficient in reducing blemishes and acne scars in 4 weeks. In 8 weeks, it delivers an even, natural skin tone without damaging the skin barrier. Also, it is suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin.  

    Bring out the best in your skin!

    Once your breakout subsides, you must be extremely discerning when choosing remedies for the remaining post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Going for high-science formulations is the most intelligent approach for holistically eliminating skin pigmentation. Give your skin the richness and power of the HR+VB3+RPC blend, with natural actives that work in synergy on all the facets of hyperpigmentation.


    Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

    Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

    3.7% Niacinamide +Hexylresorcinol +Retinyl Propionate

    SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

    SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

    3.25% Hexylresorcinol + Niacinamide

    Skin Barrier Protect Cream

    Skin Barrier Protect Cream

    10% Glycerin +  Hydroxystearic Acid


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