Tt-2 Technology: Clinically Proven Thymol And Terpineol Solution For Acne

Two revolutionary solutions to Treat Acne - Thymol and Terpineol!

The fundamental aetiology of acne is that the skin cells do not respond typically. Rather than sloughing off through a healthy skin cell cycle, they stick together and clog the pores, leading to different types of acne. The new advanced thymol and terpineol formulation is developed with the correct knowledge and technology that aids in resolving acne by addressing the root cause.

Holistic TT-2 Technology for acne breakouts!

TT-2 technology is a high-science, technologically-driven solution fortified with thymol and terpineol, which is clinically proven to reduce acne in seven days and acne marks in two weeks. This unique combination of thymol and terpineol is called ‘lock and clear’ technology, in which these ingredients work on the root cause of acne, i.e., bacteria. Thymol permeates the bacterial cell membrane, whereas terpineol blocks bacterial efflux pumps, locking thymol and terpineol into the cells. Hence, the TT-2 technology has been proven to identify and kill the unhealthy bacteria responsible for your acne while working on restoring the good bacteria.


TT-2 Technology: The powerful combo of Thymol and Terpineol for Acne

TT-2 Technology advanced thymol and terpineol formulation work not only on the surface but get deeper into your skin to do their job. This combo effectively kills both gram-positive and gram-negative acne-causing bacteria. This quality is precisely what makes it a potent formulation for targeting acne and improving your skin’s health.

On the other hand, many solutions currently available, such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and exfoliants available with AHA + PHA + BHA lack the ability to identify between the good and bad bacteria. In the long run, this may te dry out your skin and cause peeling, tingling, itching, or hives.

Microbial studies conducted to test the antibacterial efficacy have concluded that thymol and terpineol present a synergistic effect against bacteria, including P. acne. Experts recommend using a fast-acting composition of thymol and terpineol as a skincare regimen to resolve your acne. TT-2 technology solution is clinically proven to decrease acne from day 3, even being 2.5 times more effective than 0.5% salicylic acid.

Acne is a complicated skin ailment. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to resolving it. We recommend you be mindful while using any products to reduce your acne. It is advisable to carry out deep research and choose a technology that is backed by high science. The latest cutting-edge formulation infused with the goodness of thymol and terpineol is a technologically driven solution that provides solutions to all your acne-related issues from within and leaves you with replenished and healthy skin.

Acne Reduction Cleanser

Acne Reduction Cleanser

0.35% Thymol + Terpineol

Oil Control Regime

Oil Control Regime

Controls oil and sebum production

Acne Reduction Regime

Acne Reduction Regime

Reduces acne in 3-7 days


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