Understand your skin’s microbiome for healthier skin

When it comes to clear, healthy skin, one factor that is often ignored is the skin’s microbiome. Much like the surface of our gut, the surface of our skin is made up of trillions of microorganisms. And much like our gut, these need to be revitalised and rebalanced to function optimally and give you healthy and supple skin.

Getting under the skin microbiome

The skin microbiome is a community of billions of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms that symbiotically live together in the epidermal and dermal layers of your skin. They are an essential part of your body’s immune system, protecting not just the skin but everything underneath. They’re also closely linked to your gut and brain.

The microbiome is responsible for the optimal functioning of the skin barrier — keeping it moisturised, exfoliated, and protected. A thriving microbiome can prevent most skin conditions including eczema, acne, dryness, and even premature ageing. It is understandable, therefore, that if this microbiome gets disrupted or damaged, it can have huge consequences for your skin health.

Disruptions in the skin microbiome

If you’ve ever used a new skincare product only to realise it caused a series of skin reactions, you’ve experienced a disruption in the skin microbiome. The use of ineffective and harsh formulations is one of the biggest causes of this. In addition to this, your lifestyle, environmental factors, and even hormonal conditions can disrupt your microbiome. And this can result in problems such as acne, dermatitis, infections, and even skin conditions.

Let’s look at acne. It is caused when the c.acnes bacteria enter the skin’s natural microbiome. The immediate reaction is to start using acne-targeting skincare products that contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These harm the skin’s natural microbiome further by not just killing the acne-causing bacteria but also killing the good bacteria which are essential for skin barrier protection. This is why it is very important to pay close attention to not just your lifestyle but also the skincare formulations you are using.

Nurturing Your Skin's Microbiome: Opt for Clinically Backed Skincare Solutions

If you have acne, the combination of thymol and terpineol has been clinically proven to be effective in its treatment without disrupting the microbiome further. Moreover, the combination of thymol and terpineol is proven to maintain the skin’s natural microbiome. The synergistic effect of both of these actives kill the acne-causing bacteria and was shown to reduce acne lesions from day 3.

Make your skincare work for you instead of against you

The skin’s microbiome is extremely important to maintaining your skin’s health, but it is also very easily disturbed. And while you cannot always control the environmental factors that cause it to go out of balance, you can definitely control what you put on your skin. Stick to using clinically proven and dermatologist-backed ingredients that help your skin condition without disrupting the microbiome.

Acne Reduction Cleanser

Acne Reduction Cleanser

0.35% Thymol + Terpineol

Oil Control Regime

Oil Control Regime

1,400/150g + 28ml
Acne Reduction Regime

Acne Reduction Regime

1,500/150g + 28ml

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