Contact Dermatitis- How to Identify & Manage

You try a new formulation or a different skincare remedy, only to discover that it causes your skin to become irritated and red. If that sounds familiar, you may have contact dermatitis. This skin condition happens due to an allergic reaction caused by direct contact with a certain substance.

Beware of what you use on your skin!

Contact dermatitis may be triggered by a number of irritants, but more often than not, the ones responsible are beauty formulations such as wrinkle creams containing Retin-A and solutions containing AHA. Fragrances in perfumes, and cosmetics and preservatives like formaldehyde added to certain skincare formulations can also induce allergic reactions.

Apart from these, the following can also be responsible for contact dermatitis:

  • Nickel used in jewellery
  • Certain medications like antibiotics and antihistamines
  • Airborne substances like pollen, insecticides, and pesticides
  • Some sunscreens upon exposure

    Identifying contact dermatitis

    Contact allergy usually emerges immediately after the skin comes in contact with the allergen. You probably have contact dermatitis if you experience symptoms like:

    • Red, dark skin, or blisters with or without a burning sensation
    • Hives most often noticed on the face, lips, and ears
    • Itchy rash that suddenly starts spreading or progressively worsens in a particular working atmosphere

      Performing a patch test before using any known skincare formulation is a must. Do not forget to observe the patch 24 hours after the test. If you don’t see any redness, irritation, or bumps, continue to use the substance.

      Stop the itch with high-science skincare!

      Besides being vigilant about your triggers and exercising caution by opting for skincare that is both dermatologically certified and hypoallergenic, turning to an intense hydration solution is a possible way to calm the skin and strengthen the barrier.

      Expert-backed and clinically proven high-science technology is recommended for dealing with itchy skin that results from contact dermatitis.  the right technology that has been clinically proven to provide better skin barrier improvement and hydration for itchy and dry skin. Withdraw all other skincare practices until the itch is resolved and your skin is back to its previous state. Steer clear of tre  that contain AHAs and other allergens, which can only irritate your skin more. From redness and swelling to skin discolouration, these substances can cause more harm, especially in cases of contact dermatitis.


      Symptoms of contact dermatitis can fade in two to three weeks, depending on the severity. However, it may worsen if you continue to come in contact with the allergen or irritant. Rather than experimenting with potentially allergenic skin formulations, it is better to take time and observe the symptoms to know what is triggering your allergy and seek dermatological consultation in severe cases.



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