Is your skin dry or just dehydrated? Let’s find out

Having dull, flaky and itchy skin doesn’t necessarily imply that you have dry skin. These could also be a symptom of dehydrated skin. Often, people confuse the two terms but understanding the difference is the first step towards tackling your skin issues and getting healthier skin.

Dry vs dehydrated skin: What’s the difference?

According to dermatologists, dry skin, which is typically considered a skin type, is caused by a lack of enough oil production in the dermis. Dehydrated skin on the other hand is a temporary condition and arises due to lower levels of moisture in the skin. What this means is problems arising out of dehydration are easily resolvable and usually don’t last for too long. On the other hand, having a particular skin type is often genetic, and the complications arising from it are long-lasting and need to be constantly managed and monitored.

The signs are different for both

The primary symptom of dehydrated skin is that it tends to produce more oil than regular to compensate for its lack of hydration. This can lead to the breakout of acne among a host of other issues which can become troublesome if not managed properly. With dry skin, the case is usually the opposite. The sebaceous glands do not produce enough sebum which leads to improper functioning of the lipids which in turn causes over-exposure and increased damage.

A simple home test you can do to this effect is to pinch a small area of your skin — if it fails to bounce back quickly or gets the appearance of wrinkles easily, your skin may just be dehydrated. If on the other hand, you tend to have flaky, scaly and irritated skin for extended periods, you might have dry skin.

Clinically proven treatments for both

Despite the difference in the two skin conditions, the solution for them is similar. In fact, you can use the same products for both as long as they’re clinically proven to retain and replenish skin moisture and protect the skin barrier.

Ideally, you want to use gentle formulas for both cleansing and moisturising and avoid ingredients that strip your skin of its natural oils. HYA-B5 technology uses Sodium Hyaluronate  of 4 different sizes which can protect skin barrier and reduce trans-epidermal water loss. Deep hydration helps restore the natural skin barrier and regulate the production of fatty acids and lipids in the dermis itself.

Simultaneously, these ingredients also act as a robust barrier against transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Both hyaluronic acid and Hymagic™4D provide hydration that permeates into the deepest layers of the skin. Meanwhile, pro-vitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol) works great for retaining this moisture in the skin due to its hygroscopic properties. And finally, pentavitin, a saccharide isomerate, binds to the skin like a magnet, sealing in all the moisture.

Tackling skin issues such as dryness and dehydration often requires a mix of using the right products and making lifestyle changes that prevent moisture loss and boost the production of lipids in the skin. For this reason, it is important to choose products that are clinically proven to show results.

Dry Skin Regime

Dry Skin Regime

Cleanses without irritation

Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Sensitive Skin Cleanser

2.02% Stearic acid + Palmitic acid

Skin Barrier Protect Cream

Skin Barrier Protect Cream

10.01% Glycerin + Hydroxystearic Acid

Skin Barrier Protect Serum

Skin Barrier Protect Serum

3% Sodium Hyaluronate + Pro-Vitamin B5 + Pentavitin


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