5 Ways to Get Rid of Freckles: A Guide to a Clearer Skin

Want to Get Rid of Freckles? Here Are 5 Ways to Do It

Want to get rid of freckles? Read more!

What are freckles? 

Freckles have certainly had quite an interesting journey. Considered undesirable at first, as a symptom of underlying skin disorders (for a brief period), and now embraced as a feature that adds character to your face, these tiny brown spots have been through it all.   

Present on the top layer of your skin, freckles are harmless and appear mostly from sun exposure and damage. They may also be the result of genetics at play in some people. There is no way to get rid of them completely. However, there are a few ways to reduce their appearance. Let’s take a look at them.

Current solutions to fading freckles and why they are inadequate

If you are planning on seeking a dermatological consultation to reduce the appearance of your freckles, here are a few options you will be recommended:

  • Sunscreen: The appearance of existing freckles will not be reduced by sunscreen. However, its regular application will help prevent new ones from appearing. Choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF for better UV protection, and ensure you apply it diligently.
  • Retinoids: The vitamin A derivatives can visibly lighten freckles and offer some protection from the UV rays. However, they can also cause irritation and sensitivity and are only effective at improving cell turnover and not the other parts of the melanogenesis process. 
  • Chemical peeling: Lactic acid or glycolic acid used in peels work by removing the damaged layer of the skin, enabling a new layer to take its place. Chemical peels are not tolerated by all skin types and can potentially cause stinging, redness and even scarring in some individuals.
  • Bleaching: One commonly used ingredient in bleach-like formulations is hydroquinone. The downside of hydroquinone use is that it can worsen dryness and lead to increased redness and sensitivity.
  • OTC medications: Arbutin, retinoids, azelaic acid and kojic acid can aid in lightening superficial freckles. Although their regular usage may be helpful for some skin types, they must strictly be used on the advice of experts. Moreover, these ingredients work only on the surface and address only one issue at a time, failing to target the root causes of hyperpigmentation, like freckles.   

    Freckles are a sign of hyperpigmentation. Although there are various options for reducing freckles, none can act independently, are without some side effects or target hyperpigmentation holistically. Therefore, they require a targeted, holistic solution to fight all three root causes: melanin overproduction, melanin transfer to the skin’s surface and slowed skin cell turnover. It would be better to turn to high-science technologies for hyperpigmentation, such as a formulation blending hexylresorcinol (HR), niacinamide (VB3) and retinyl propionate (RPC) with a retinol booster.

          solutions to fade freckles

    The trio – VB3+HR+RPC – works synergistically to regulate melanogenesis, soothe inflammation and inhibit melanin transfer and promote cell turnover, respectively. Thus, they address all three root causes to effectively reduce the appearance of freckles. This technologically advanced blend is clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation, including freckles, and give the skin a healthy glow in four weeks.

    The VB3+HR+RPC formulation is thus a clinically proven, safe and efficacious technology that alleviates freckles by targeting its primary causes. The technology has a three-pronged attack on hyperpigmentation, making it the most effective solution.

    Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

    Bi-Phasic Hyper Pigmentation Serum

    3.7% Niacinamide +Hexylresorcinol +Retinyl Propionate

    SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

    SPF 30 Hyper Pigmentation cream PA+++

    3.25% Hexylresorcinol + Niacinamide

    Skin Barrier Protect Cream

    Skin Barrier Protect Cream

    10% Glycerin +  Hydroxystearic Acid


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